Training course “Skills of prosecutor’s public speaking”

On November 9-11, 2021, the Prosecutor’s Training Center of Ukraine hosted a training course “Skills of prosecutor’s public speaking”.

On the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language (November 9) -, the training course for prosecutors began, during which prosecutors:

improved practical skills in etiquette, correct stress and pronunciation, choice of lexical means, grammatical forms and constructions, logical expressiveness, which will contribute to a competent and intelligible public speech (November 9);

mastered the skills and abilities to use verbal and nonverbal tools during public speaking, formed the skills of public speech culture (November 10);

practiced skills in court speeches with introductory and indictment speeches, which will contribute to the quality of support for public prosecution in court (November 11).

Alongside with the trainer – Oksana Kabysh – Chief Researcher of the Department of Teacher Training (Coaches) of the National School of Judges of Ukraine, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, participants improved practical skills in etiquette, correct pronunciation and stress, choice of vocabulary, grammatical forms and constructions.

On the second day, media experts, journalists Tetiana Sapian and Oleksii Ananov worked with prosecutors on the issue of preparation for a public speech.

On the third day, the training “The Art of Persuasion in Court: Introductory and Indictment Speeches of the Prosecutor” took place.

Prosecutors of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office Denys Demkiv (Candidate of Law) and Yurii Khyt, as well as media expert, journalist, and oratory expert Oleksii Ananov helped the participants to improve their skills and abilities.


Svitlana Shtanko, Consultant of the Analytical Training Department of Prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Training Center of Ukraine;

Inna Bevziuk, Consultant of the Analytical Department of Prosecutors Training of the Prosecutor’s Training Center of Ukraine, Candidate of Psychological Sciences;

Arevik Abramiants, expert of the analytical department of the training of prosecutors of the Training Center of Prosecutors of Ukraine.

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