Law students visited Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine

November 6, 2020, the head of the department of external relations Anastasiia Markelova and the press secretary of Dariia Nefedova presented the concept of Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine, explained the importance of the prosecution reform and the role of prosecutor in the society to the law students of the National University of Construction and Architecture of Kyiv.

At the Museum of the Prosecutor’s Office that is located ath the premises of Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine  students got acquainted with the exhibits and had the opportunity to record videos for their creative works for the competition of creative and / or scientific works on the topic: «Prosecutor’s Office and public activists: is interaction possible?»

We would like to remind that application forms can be filled till November 13, 2020.

Нефьодова Дар'я