About Training Center

Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine is state institution established in order to improve prosecutors` skills.

As a legal entity, the Training Center carries out its activities in accordance with Art. 80 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Prosecutor’s Office” and the order of the Prosecutor General.

The process of Center establishment is an essential part of the PPO reforming, which includes, in particular, the attestation of prosecutors of all levels and the development of new mechanisms for their work.

The Training Center provides:

  • continuous professional training of prosecutors and civil servants of PPO in order to develop professional skills;
  • professional training, initial training of candidates for the position of prosecutor (as internship – training of persons who have successfully passed the selection procedure for the position of prosecutor);
  • continuous professional training of civil servants of other state bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, regardless of the form of ownership (terms and conditions are defined separately).

Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine meets the needs of training process for prosecutors and quality improvement of their professional level. Training Center appears to use best global practices of professional needsā€based approach to the training programs effectively. During trainings, particular attention is given to the development of personal competencies in the context of formation of a qualitatively new professional culture of prosecutors.