Internship of candidates for the positions of district prosecutors

On October 19, 2021, the training of candidates for the positions for prosecutors of district prosecutor’s offices was completed at the Prosecutor’s Training Center of Ukraine.

Theoretical (initial) training lasted from 4 to 19 October 2021 online.

Theoretical (initial) training and practical training were conducted in accordance with the Internship Program for candidates for the position of District Prosecutor’s Office Prosecutor, approved by the Director of the Prosecutor’s Training Center of Ukraine in agreement with the Prosecutor General.

During the theoretical (initial) training, candidates completed a program consisting of a theoretical block (11 online lectures on the platform “ZOOM”) and independent work (9 practical tasks in the form of preparation of procedural documents on educational cases), totaling 60 hours .

Candidates have been trained in a curriculum that includes the following topics:

“Professional ethics of the prosecutor”;

“Organization of work in the prosecutor’s office”;

“Work with the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations”;

“Evidence and proof in criminal proceedings”;

“Suspicion report. Detention. Precautions”;

“Completion of the pre-trial investigation. Indictment”;

“Prosecutor’s support of public prosecution in court”;

“Appeals against court decisions in criminal proceedings in the court of appeal”;

“Participation of the prosecutor in criminal proceedings for misdemeanors”;

“Prosecutor’s supervision over the observance of laws in the execution of court decisions in criminal cases”;

“Representation by the prosecutor of the interests of the state in court.”

In accordance with paragraph 7 of the Procedure for internships in the prosecutor’s office, approved by the order of the Prosecutor General dated January 10, 2020 № 15, an opinion has been prepared for each candidate based on the results of the internship.

Conclusions on the successful completion of the first stage of the internship were prepared for 570 people, one person received a report of unsuccessful internship, one person did not pass the internship owing to the death.

All prepared conclusions were sent to the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Нефьодова Дар'я