Prosecutor’s Participation in Restorative Justice

On November 17, the three-day training course “Prosecutor’s Participation in Restorative Justice” ended.

On the first day, the training: “Prosecutor in criminal proceedings on the release of a person from criminal liability in the context of restorative justice” was held. The training was aimed to increase the level of prosecutor’s professional competence in restorative justice.

On the second day, the training “Participation of the prosecutor in simplified court proceedings in the context of restorative justice”, during which prosecutors improved their competencies to participate in court proceedings in accordance with the requirements of Part 3 of Art. 349 of the CPC of Ukraine, as well as in court proceedings on criminal offenses in the context of restorative justice.

On the third day, training “Participation of the prosecutor in criminal proceedings pursuant to agreement between the parties”.


Diana Danko – Prosecutor;

Roman Koval – Head of the Public Organization “Institute of Peace and Understanding”;

Mykola Kurapov – lawyer, expert;

Nadiia Stefaniv – Judge of the Supreme Court;

Stanislav Petrenko – Prosecutor of the Podolsk District Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv.


Нефьодова Дар'я